Position Reports


Latitude Longitude Date / Time (UTC) Depth (m) Speed (kts) Course (°T) Comment
29° 59.37' N 81° 39.69' W 15 Apr 2022 20:33 None None None End of the line! We had 6 people grab our lines and greet us back at the Green Cove Pier, yesterday. The last leg went much smoother with an early morning bridge opening and the current WITH us:) We got the van going (reconnected battery). LAND life is beginning!🤗 Time to clean, repair and ready Meriwether for sleep. See you all soon!❤️
30° 19.15' N 81° 38.43' W 13 Apr 2022 23:05 None None None Jacksonville FREE docks. Perfect place to stop when current is against you😃 Off to home port in am. ❤️
29° 53.65' N 81° 18.56' W 11 Apr 2022 19:45 None None None St Augustine. Home of the bridge of lions and a bazillion restaurants. Pizza tonight with shooting star and gelato! Tricky getting here! Lots of very shallow areas. Hope some dredging happens. All is well on Meriwether!❤️
29° 14.01' N 81° 1.36' W 10 Apr 2022 19:23 None None None Watching how those latitude and longitude positions change! AND today we wore wool sweaters and hats! Made it to Daytona, sea breeze bridges today. Yesterday was the most wind we have seen in our whole trip with gusts up to 40 out of the north(brought in that COLD air). Needless to say we did not move and explored Titusville. Today was uneventful. Mosquito lagoon was ok. Now time for a passage bevy! Maybe a little coconut water and rum to reminisce the warmer days!
28° 37.49' N 80° 48.24' W 09 Apr 2022 13:37 None None None Titusville. A long 13 hour day with wind mostly on our nose( promised to be out of the west!) This year the weather has been noticeably crazy! Will stay here one day while this north wind does its thing and hopefully clocks around to the south. The amazing events yesterday, was a space x launch (with four astronauts)that was incredibly visible as we tooled down the Indian river! There was also a lot of dolphins activity in the wind and waves. So all and all it was a good day😎❤️


Vessel Particulars

Name: Meriwether

Length: 10.0

Draft: 1.5