Position Reports


Latitude Longitude Date / Time (UTC) Depth (m) Speed (kts) Course (°T) Comment
22° 10.39' N 75° 42.89' W 19 Feb 2021 23:54 None None None We have moved down to south side bay between little and Big Ragged Islands. A nice sail thru the sandbars,following Ralph on Now and Zen,(with a 4 ft draft!)who we trusted faithfully to know the depths. We had a few inches on our heeled over keel. (Figured we scrape the Florida barnacles off:) Oh so worth the anxiety to be here! Amazing sandbars and ocean view but protection like we never imagined (N E coming on Sunday). We can also finally see Duncan Town and get the tour by Maxine and Terry, our new Bahamian friends. We will see the improvements made since hurricane Irma and see what life is like in this very special place! Snorkeling for lobster tomorrow??❤️
22° 14.83' N 75° 45.15' W 12 Feb 2021 22:46 None None None Success!! What a wet and salty three days! But soooo worth it. Here we sit in the ‘middle pen’ in Hog Cay(no kidding:) We crossed the banks with a great deal of wind and hoopla! What a sail(double reefed:)! We arrived at Flamingo to be greeted by three large bull sharks as we dropped our anchor! No diving to see if it was set! Today we left quite early with a buddy boat, ‘Prowler cat’. We set off down the Jumentos chain with building swells and waves on an ebbing tide with an east wind. Another yahoo day!!! Our friendly cat decided to call it quits and left us at bueno vista cay ( need to check that one out on the way back. Beautiful!). They will join us tomorrow. Meriwether and her talented captain made it the rest of the way. Jeanna actually enjoyed the serious point of tack we had! So here we sit with twenty other boats ready to celebrate Valentine’s day on this speck of paradise on planet earth. Life is good. (I hear the conchs blowing in the distance!-another amazing sunset.:)
23° 34.74' N 76° 4.12' W 10 Feb 2021 22:57 None None None Our own private island tonight! We left Black Point(with clean laundry) and had a splashy SE motor sail around Galliot banks(on the inside of the Exumas) to Rocky point. Tomorrow should be more of a sail as we head to Flamingo Cay in the Jumentos. We will not have a wifi signal there (we are entering a very remote area) but the next day at Hog Cay we should once again. Our goal is to make it there for there annual Valentine’s Day Party. The Bahamian host this for the cruisers. This year unfortunately there will be no locals(covid) but we will meet up with other cruisers (who have been double tested). Looking forward to authentic food and commaderie! Tonight we saw the ‘green’ flash as the sun set. A very good omen indeed!! Ciao!
24° 10.44' N 76° 26.93' W 08 Feb 2021 22:03 None None None Staniel Cay. Skipped down along the Exuma chain, past the sea park, so we could get fuel here. (Doing sea park on way back). Diesel is not available at many places and we are considering a run to the Jumentos on the inside of the chain. This means skipping Georgetown on the great exuma where we usually get fuel. So today was another great day in paradise! And our options in this magical world are endless!!
24° 36.19' N 76° 49.2' W 05 Feb 2021 22:30 None None None Well I set up another page but can’t get on it ! So I continue our story here:) Left Bimini yesterday and made our way across the Great Bahamas Banks, through through the North West Channel, down the tongue of the ocean, through the White Banks, all the way to Normans Cay. A journey into the wind and no sailing but the weather windows were slim and we made a go of it. We had a beautiful sunset a peach slice for a moon, lots a stars, a dolphin on our bow, and a Bahamian Sunsrise as we passed Nassau. And now we sit with our Kaliks toasting another successful journey, after watching our anchor set in 9 feet of gin clear water. Ahhhhhh life is good!


Vessel Particulars

Name: Meriwether

Length: 10.0

Draft: 1.5